Every women admittedly or not would love to wake up each day looking and feeling fabulous without the added stresses and time consuming effort of hair and make up to add to an already busy day.

This is why we have zoned in on a few natural looking and harmless beauty tricks to enhance your appearance. Through semi permanent make up (also known as SMPU) you can have 24/7 perfected eyebrows, lips and eyeliner to suit your individual needs and looks. Using organic pigments and cosmetic tattooing we can create amazing results lasting up to 18 months.

Do I need a patch test?

Each client must have a patch test and fill out forms outlining any reasons why permanent make up may not be appropriate. For example, medications and pregnancy would affect the treatment. Patch tests can be carried out at the clinic or sent via post.

What happens at the appointment?

After a full discussion with regards to shape colour and exceptions, numbing cream will be added to the area to be treated. We will then begin to outline the area (excluding eyeliner). Once the outline/template has been agreed we will apply further numbing lotion and begin the treatment.

Does it hurt?

Numbing creams are applied before and through all permanent make up treatments to minimise discomfort.


How quickly will i see results?

Results are instant, however the true results will be visible once fully healed. Colours will fade by 50% in the first week or so after treatment, leaving a more natural look.


Will i need a top up?

Yes. Your top appointment should be booked 4-6 weeks after your initial treatment. Please note both treatments are including in the price. Your treatment is not complete until after your top up appointment.


Annual Top up appointments 9-18 months £195.
After 18 months from your initial treatment the treatment will be charged at full price.




There are a number of reasons why ladies choose permanent make-up. Some simply want more dramatic defined brows, some have light coloured brows and choose to give up the high maintenance option of fortnightly brow tints, others have over plucked their brows or suffered with alopecia and some simply have thinner brows they would prefer to be thicker.

Whatever the reason you can rest assured that the brows you want are most certainly achievable.

If you like the thought of 24/7 beautiful brows each morning, or to go swimming, to the sauna, steam room or on holiday and have your brows in tact the entire time then cosmetic brows are the ones for you! Should you decide you would like to go ahead with your treatment we would ask for you to call and book a consultation appointment.


Lip contour and blush from £300
Full lip colour from £375
Lip liner only from £250

Add definition, colour and fullness to the lips using our wonderful lip treatments. A range of colours available to choose from.

Everybody craves the perfect luscious lips. If they didn’t then lipstick, lip liners and glosses wouldn’t be the most popular item to over flow any woman’s make up case.

Thanks to permanent makeup it is now achievable for every women to better enhance the most sensual feature on their face! Lips often become paler and thinner with time, losing the line definition and natural healthy glow. Using the various procedures available for lips we can now work to correct uneven lip shapes and define and enhance the lips to give the appearance of fuller, more colourful healthy lips.

You can choose from a full lip colour to lip blush or lip line using a pigment colour that suits your own individual look, you can even bring your regular lip colour in and we will colour match it for your procedure.

Please note your lip blush treatment will not affect wearing different shades of lipsticks as you would normally.


Top & Bottom from £300
Top or Bottom only from £150


Eyeliner will make the natural lashes appear thinking and more defined, whilst opening up and enhancing the eyes. Eyeliner can be thicker or thinner depending on our clients request.

The eyes are the first thing people see when they speak to you which is why it is so important for many women to make their eyes one of their most perfect features. Eyeliner/ lash enhancement aids in giving the appearance of thicker lashes and brighter, better defined eyes. The lash liner can be applied as dramatically or as subtly as the client would like and is done by applying a fine liner through the lash line, top, bottom or both. The line is then built upon depending on the desired look.

Once your eyeliner has been applied you need not worry about smudging or taking extra time each morning to achieve the perfect line.

If you decide you would like to go ahead with your treatment we would ask for you to call and book a consultation appointment. During your consultation you will be shown images of previous work and we will discuss the look you would like to achieve. You will be requested to fill out a form which will tell us if there are any reasons why you may not be suitable for semi permanent make up and a patch test will be given.

If you want a flawless finish without the fuss, you might want to consider semi-permanent makeup. Perfect for those who want to shave time off their beauty routine, or suffer with allergies to conventional makeup, this cosmetic treatment works by inserting micropigments into the skin. The most common services requested include microblading, lip contour, permanent eyeliner, beauty spots and freckles. Hassle-free, smudge-proof and totally glam, what’s not to love?


To make an appointment for Catherine Costas call: 01727 837077 or email:



As part of our cancellation policy, we ask you to give us a credit card number when booking your appointment. Should you need to cancel your appointment please give us a courtesy call at least 24 hours prior to your appointment, otherwise there will be a 50% cancellation charge.


A polite notice to all our customers to have your mobile phone on silent mode, in consideration of our other guests.


For your convenience our salon has WIFI.

“I was really happy with the service and friendly welcoming atmosphere.
I look forward to my next visit.”

- Christine Patmore

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